Mathias Sablé Meyer

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Present situation

Photo ID Credit to Kaspar Ravel for this picture.

On a predoctoral research year before starting a Ph.D under the supervision of Stanislas Dehaene at Collège de France. Working title: “The cognitive representation of structured sequences: an exploration of humans’ outstanding capacity for abstraction through non representative geometry”.

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Past situation

2016-2017 — M2 @ CogMaster

Internship at NeuroSpin with Stanislas Dehaene.

2015-2016 — Gap year @ Mediterranean Sea

Gap year: a boat in Ithaca, Félicien, a fire. A dinner at Ligia, Greece with Félicien.

There’s a french blog about it.

2014-2015 — M1 @ MPRI

Internship in Oxford, UK with Luke Ong.

2013-2014 — L3 @ ENS Cachan

Internship in INRIA, Lille with Romaric Gaudel.

Other occupations of my time


Whenever I can, here and there, cliffs, rocks, indoor, boulder or just trees.


Playing around breaking stuff to understand how it works. A few selected examples:

  • Ocarust (later)
  • DeepL (later)

Reading, traveling around, listening to some music


Peer reviewed articles

In prep.

Talks & Seminars

Academic Reports

Compression Structural compression of visual input?

Misc & Non Serious

Circuit Spare time electronic stuff.

  • I quite enjoy electronics from time to time. The documentation (non serious!) for a small project I realised during my time at NeuroSpin — reverse engineer a food distribution system to interface it with a computer through USB.
  • A course from CogMaster was validated through a mini thesis. It’s about Mathematical Intuitions and Monsters (in French).
  • More on the current background?